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News Archives for September, 2013

2013-09-30 said the NSA's surveillance efforts were undermining democracy
Ex-Microsoft privacy adviser: "I don't trust company"

2013-09-30 French data protection watchdog is moving ahead with sanctions against Google over its new privacy policy.
French watchdog moves to fine Google over refusal to change privacy policy

2013-09-27 U.S. judge allows lawsuit against Google over email ads

2013-09-26 Operation Minaret set up in the 1960's to monitor anti-Vietnam critics, branded 'disreputable if not outright illegal' by NSA itself
Declassified NSA files show agency spied on Muhammad Ali and MLK

2013-09-26 Details of snooping technology kept secret
TSA To Roll Out "Covert Surveillance" Vans

2013-09-26 Customers at the UK Nationwide building society suddenly found their banking accounts empty!
IT glitch "wipes balances and deletes accounts"

2013-09-25 They were penetrated by NSA bugs that can copy entire hard disks
NSA planted bugs at Indian missions in D.C., U.N.

2013-09-25 Edward Snowden NSA Scandal: EU to Suspend US Data Sharing After Swift's Interbank Messaging System Breach

2013-09-23 Take a Peek at How Widespread Spying Has Become
The Government Is Spying On Us Through Our Computers, Phones, Cars, Buses, Streetlights, At Airports And On The Street, Via Mobile Scanners And Drones, Through Our Smart Meters, And In Many Other Ways

2013-09-22 Highways Agency tracks millions of motorists' handsets in 'smart' trials

2013-09-17 Brazil plans to go offline from US-centric internet

2013-09-17 people quitting the site blamed concerns over privacy
11 Million Users Abandon Facebook

2013-09-17 MN State Rep Joins 17 Others In Suing State For Illegally Accessing Drivers License Data

2013-09-11 Apple iPhone 5S: Big Brother Dream Come True!

2013-09-11 "hackers can't wait to get their hands on the technology"
7 Reasons Why iPhone Fingerprint Security Might Not Be So Secure

2013-09-10 'accidentally' collected emails and other personal data
Google loses appeal in Street View privacy case

2013-09-07 program can scan up to 2,000 tweets a second
Computer program uses Twitter to 'map mood of nation'

2013-09-07 Privacy Scandal: NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data

2013-09-06 collaboration with technology companies and internet service providers themselves
Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security

2013-09-05 new policy which could turn users' data and pictures into advertising
Facebook in fresh privacy row with new policy

2013-09-05 cracked much of the encryption, or digital scrambling, that guards global commerce and banking systems
N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web

2013-09-05 class action lawsuit claims Google is violating laws when it "opens" and "reads" emails
Google Continues To Defend Its Decade-Long Gmail Privacy Stance In Court

2013-09-04 Terrorists, jihadists get new mobile phone encryption software

2013-09-04 New WikiLeaks docs expose secretive, unruly surveillance industry
Spy Files:

2013-09-03 20 most used products pass information to nearly 70 companies
Personal details in smartphone fitness apps 'sold to other firms'

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