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News Archives for October, 2013

2013-10-31 More NSA Leakers Followed Snowden's Footsteps, Whistleblower Lawyer Says

2013-10-31 Snowden gets tech support job in Russia

2013-10-30 NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say

2013-10-30 (charts and diagrams)
How the NSA is infiltrating private networks

2013-10-30 Google Denies NSA Cooperation While Expanding Encryption

2013-10-30 US 'spied on future Pope Francis during Vatican conclave'

2013-10-30 Argues Spying Okay As Long As Government Doesn't Get Caught (Video)
Head of Congressional Intelligence Committee:

2013-10-29 Exclusive: Obama orders curbs on NSA spying on U.N. headquarters

2013-10-28 The White House on Spying

2013-10-28 US-EU rift deepens over claims NSA spied on Spanish phone calls (video)
Spain summons U.S. ambassador over spying

2013-10-28 "a dark day for European democracy"
EU Proposal to Monitor "Intolerant" Citizens

2013-10-28 it's political officials who dictate what can and cannot be published
U.K. may punish publication of NSA leaks

2013-10-26 "It is very important that people speak out, take action, march, rally, demonstrate"
Thousands March in D.C. Against NSA Domestic Surveillance

2013-10-25 German Spy Chiefs to Head to U.S. for Talks

2013-10-25 Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now Against Internet Surveillance

2013-10-25 Exclusive: 21 Nations Line Up Behind U.N. Effort to Restrain NSA

2013-10-25 UK spy agency fears legal challenge if scale of surveillance is made public
Leaked memos reveal GCHQ efforts to keep mass surveillance secret

2013-10-25 calling for NSA reporting to be halted, and press freedom to be crushed
As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop the media

2013-10-25 Agency given more than 200 numbers by government official
NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts

2013-10-24 Surveillance whistle-blower: 'Join us in sending the message: Stop Watching Us!'
Edward Snowden Endorses D.C. Protest Against NSA in Rare Public Statement

2013-10-24 Why Intel Chips May Present a Whole New Risk
Privacy is Becoming a Crime

2013-10-24 Exclusive: Germany, Brazil Turn to U.N. to Restrain American Spies

2013-10-24 a way to pull back the curtains to see the web's inner workings
Mozilla's Lightbeam tool will expose who is looking over your shoulder on the web

2013-10-24 (MP3 Episode 180 download)
NSA The Tip Of The Iceberg with Joe Wolverton II

2013-10-24 big European rules to counter big fears of surveillance
US spying row to dominate EU summit

2013-10-23 Cusack portrayed Richard Nixon in 'The Butler.'
Actor John Cusack Says 'Democracy Itself Is Dead' With NSA Surveillance

2013-10-23 U.S. allies knew that the Americans were spying on them, but they had no idea how much
REPORT: US Spied on Merkel's Mobile Phone

2013-10-22 a sophisticated surveillance programme, known as Genie.
US National Security Agency 'spied on French diplomats'

2013-10-21 necessary for the NSA to obtain 'the haystack' of phone records to find the terrorist 'needle'
Feinstein defends NSA data collection and insists program is 'not surveillance'

2013-10-21 "unacceptable practices"
France summons U.S. ambassador over spying report

2013-10-21 (Video Animation)
The NSA files: how they affect you

2013-10-21 Will they spy on your eating habits and hike your health insurance costs?
Will Insurance Companies Use Smart Appliances to Monitor "Unhealthy" Habits?

2013-10-21 Organizers believe the Saturday rally will be the largest ever against domestic surveillance.
NSA Opponents Will Picket Congress on Patriot Act's Birthday

2013-10-20 Fresh Leak on US Spying: NSA Accessed Mexican President's Email

2013-10-19 in-store equipment can pick up your WiFi card and learn your device's unique ID number
How stores use your phone's WiFi to track your shopping habits

2013-10-18 Technology backed by CEO who promoted implantable chips as replacement for credit cards
RFID Microchips to be Embedded in Breast Implants

2013-10-17 NSA snooping exposed by Snowden breaches international law, experts say
The World's Policeman Is Looking Mighty Guilty!

2013-10-17 Regulations will make it harder to move European data to third countries, with fines running into billions for failure to comply
New EU rules to curb transfer of data to US after Edward Snowden revelations

2013-10-17 Snowden: No classified documents taken to Russia

2013-10-16 In Russia data is protected by law
Malay fund managers move servers to Russia amid 'dodge NSA' tech-trend

2013-10-16 (Photos of Devices)
New security threat: Cash register skimmers

2013-10-15 Grocery store shelves to be equipped with cameras to gather shopper information

2013-10-15 Skype began passing information and allowing access to their data by US signals intelligence and spy agencies
Users lose in Skype/PRISM spying

2013-10-14 NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

2013-10-14 President Tweets desire to protect against possible espionage
Brazil whacks PRISM with secure email plan

2013-10-14 Backdoor found in D-Link home routers

2013-10-13 chips that have hidden "back doors" inserted into them at the design or manufacturing stage are "the problem from hell"
US fears back-door routes into the net because it's building them too

2013-10-13 the systems underscore how technology has enabled the tracking of people in many aspects of life
Privacy Fears Grow as Cities Increase Surveillance

2013-10-12 Growing Backlash to Government Surveillance

2013-10-11 Biometric profiling, including DNA, is dehumanising - Part III

2013-10-11 video games and online questionnaires that measure personality attributes in a job applicant
Machines Gauging Your Star Potential Automate HR Hiring

2013-10-11 FISA Court Rubber Stamps Continued Collection Of Metadata On Every Single Phone Call

2013-10-11 It Worried They'd Stop Cooperating
Feds Begged Washington Post Reporter Not To Name Companies In PRISM

2013-10-10 'The disclosure that NSA employees were spying on their spouses - was very chilling.'
Patriot Act author prepares bill to put NSA bulk collection 'out of business'

2013-10-10 "...we may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities"
Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name, social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits

2013-10-09 Anti-NSA group adopts highway to get close to Utah Data Center

2013-10-08 (VIDEO)
CMU Researchers Claim To Have Created Messaging App Even NSA Can't Crack

2013-10-07 Biometric identification is modern day enslavement -Part II

2013-10-07 Canada spied on Brazil energy ministry: Report

2013-10-07 good links to diagrams
How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID

2013-10-06 Police, schools tap social media to track behavior
Careful what you tweet:

2013-10-03 McAfee Founder To Launch New "NSA Killer" Privacy Device
Dark Web Rising:

2013-10-01 Ever wondered as to why bankers are immensely interested in biometric identification and verification of citizens?
Why biometric identification of citizens must be resisted? Part I

2013-10-01 Three Months After It Cleared The 100K Signature Threshold, 'Pardon Snowden' Petition Still Unanswered

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